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Go Push Mid- Introducing the First Mid Tower Rate

FMTR vs.

The mid-lane outer turret is often seen as the most important structure in the early game: it makes deep invades more difficult, limits pathing to some extent, and provides a retreat when teams lose objectives. A few days ago, we introduced a stat called First Mid Tower Rate (FMTR).   …

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Stats Talk 2 – Fnatic vs. G2


How do you talk about League of Legends when you have nothing but statistics in front of you? In our Stats Talk, you’ll get a short summary of key statistics for one matchup each week. This week (30.06.2016): Fnatic vs. G2   Shots called, shots fired (Fnatic) The European powerhouse …

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Will CLG Recover in Time?

600x600 CLG comp

Yes, Counter Logic Gaming is underperforming and yes, some of its players are struggling. Reading too much into their current 1-3 standings in the North American LCS might be a mistake though. Two of their losses came against two of the strongest teams and their numbers are not as bad …

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Gold Shift Events – Happenings on Summoners Rift

featured 6

We recently introduced our new metric called Gold Shift Events (GSE). I thought it was time to use data from the summer split to dig a little deeper. I will give a short recap of the metric for those who don’t know about it yet. For a full explanation, please …

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Welcome Aboard the LCS, Rookies

LCS Rookies Damage Article

Rookies in professional League are always exciting to watch. Sometimes they whip out insane plays, other times they baffle you with weird decisions. ADCs and mid laners are no exceptions to this rule. However, the stats that we have on them are often easier to interpret than those on other …

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Gold Shift Events – Capturing Major In-Game Shifts

gold swing events featured

The purpose of League of Analytics is to provide more than the standard analysis for professional games. We hope that this gives us a better understanding of the game. League of Legends has the advantage that gold captures a lot of the important aspects at once. It is a very …

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Our new Statistics Section is online!

Stats Image

After a few weeks of hard word, we are finally ready to present our own statistics section. You can find it in the top menu-bar. We decided to leave out some simple stats such as KDA, because we wanted to focus more on advanced metrics. That being said, we do …

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