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ROX Tigers – A Statistical Exploration

Rox Image

This is a guest article by Denis “Peaches18” Beausoleil. He is a professional League of Legends data analyst working with uLOL and NACS teams. Denis is from Vancouver, Canada. With the LCK Summer Playoffs just finished and the Championship Points race all locked up, we now have two of the …

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LCS Summer 2016 Regular Season Stats Summary


Here is a quick summary of some 2016 Summer Regular Season player stats for NA and EU. I went and checked who had the highest (and sometimes lowest) values. Players have to have played at least half of the possible games to qualify for a mention below. Tie-breaker matches do …

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Go Push Mid- Introducing the First Mid Tower Rate

FMTR vs.

The mid-lane outer turret is often seen as the most important structure in the early game: it makes deep invades more difficult, limits pathing to some extent, and provides a retreat when teams lose objectives. A few days ago, we introduced a stat called First Mid Tower Rate (FMTR).  What …

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