Amazing Needs to Check Trick – on Both Sides of the River

Origen seemed to be the heir apparent for Fnatic once Huni and Reignover left for the land of opportunity. However, we saw them struggling as a team until they came together at the end. G2 Esports were supposed to be a middle of the pack team. They went 15 and 3 and handily beat Fnatic to reach the EU LCS Finals – as the first team straight out of challenger ever.

G2 can field the rookie of the split in Perkz and the MVP in Trick. They both rank in the top 3 of our player rating for the regular season. So how can Origen win this uphill battle? In my opinion, it all hinges upon Amazing and Mithy being able to check Trick in the jungle. Zven can carry when enabled, but he needs his team to step up. That doesn’t mean sOAZ or PowerOfEvil cannot carry. But we saw PoE being swapped out for xPeke and nobody ever really knows what sOAZ is doing (probably pushing top too far or dying in fountain).

During the semi-finals last weekend, we saw Amazing and Trick respectively, carry games for their teams. However, Amazing did so in a more controlled fashion than Trick. He placed more deep wards to enable his team and set up tp-plays for Origen. He also swept an incredible amount to increase neutral objective control. He killed around 36% of the total wards Origen denied as a team. We saw G2 playing and extremely brawly style with lots of fights started by Trick or Perkz getting caught out. That was in part because Trick stopped warding properly during the semi-finals. Only sloppy play on Fnatic’s part prevented that series from going to Game 5.

Amazing on the other hand almost doubled his KDA from the regular season. That just goes to show you how much control he exerted in the playoffs. However, here is where it gets tricky. While Trick’s support Hybrid is still warding properly, Mithy’s warding volume is down from 1.54 wards placed to 1.20 wards placed per minute. So getting Mithy to step his vision game back up is crucial. Because Trick understands powerspikes and jungle pathing so well, OG needs to know where he is at all times. This will enable them to pull of double tps like we haven’t really seen from G2 so far, and maybe once or twice from Origen.

If Origen manages to keep up their vision game, this series will be much harder on G2 than on them. They can always swap in xPeke to give PoE a breather, but Amazing is irreplacable for OG’s lineup. Their communication will carry them to their first title, or down the drain against G2.

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