Stats Talk 2 – Fnatic vs. G2

How do you talk about League of Legends when you have nothing but statistics in front of you? In our Stats Talk, you’ll get a short summary of key statistics for one matchup each week.

This week (30.06.2016): Fnatic vs. G2


Shots called, shots fired (Fnatic)

The European powerhouse Fnatic is back in shape. They are ahead, on average, by 1,167 gold at 15 minutes, first in the EU LCS and comparable to the top teams in the NA LCS and LCK. They spend more time significantly ahead (52% of gold or more) than other European teams. Their carries contribute equally in terms of damage output, leading to a 1.0 damage share between adc and mid laner (DSAM). On the one hand, there are a few slim cracks in their armor. Fnatic only get first blood in 56.3% of their games. Their dragon rate is the same with 56.3%. On the other hand, winning 73.3% of gold swing events helps Fnatic at not letting a few early game slipups get in their way.
By Bridgeburner


Vacation mode no more (G2)

G2 place right behind Fnatic in many categories: significantly ahead (25.5%), behind (7.5%), jungle share (56.1%), and GSE win percentage (67.9%). Their first blood rate is tied for 3rd lowest in the EU LCS with 37.5%. They make up for this with an incredible first dragon rate of 62.5%. On top of that, G2 secures the most dragons with a dragon rate of 63.9%. The most remarkable contrast betweent G2 and Fnatic might be, that their ADC Niels provides a much larger share of the teams damage (x 1.3) than their mid-laner Perkz, compared to the balanced output from Fnatic. Even though G2 occupies second place in the EU LCS right now, they are tied with Fnatic for the highest win rate. These games will be close.
By Timbolt

The new guard? (Team Envy)

Team Envy tops the NA LCS with only 4.2% of the time spend with 48% or less of the total gold (significantly behind). In the few instances they fell behind, nV managed to only lose 2 of the GSEs they participated in. On the flip side, their gold difference at 15 minutes of 622.3 and their time spent with 52% or more of the total gold (significantly ahead) of 26.6% are fairly modest for a top team. They make up for it by securing a lot of dragons (69.1% dragon control rate), including 66.7% of first dragons. Combining their numbers with the highest average game time among all teams in NA, nV should be careful against an early game powerhouse such as TSM and try to keep the game close.
By Timbolt

The favorites (Team SoloMid)

Team SoloMid manage to put up impressive numbers despite a tough schedule in the NA LCS. The team ranks in the top 3 for early game indicators like first tower (64.3%), first blood (71.4%), and first drake (92.9%). They are, on average, ahead 1,608 gold at 15 minutes, and their games average a very short 32.4 minutes. 76.6% of dragons are secured by them. TSM control their leads and spend 46.6% of time significantly ahead – leading all teams in the LCK, and EU & NA LCS. On top of it all, they snowball their advantages by winning 96.6% of gold swing events when significantly ahead.
By Bridgeburner

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