First Blood Kills Heatmap (NA & EU LCS, LCK, LMS – Summer 2016 Playoffs)

Due to the amount of data and the format, the visualization below is not available on smartphones and smaller tablets.

Below is a heatmap of all first blood kills for the 2016 NA, EU, LCK and LMS Summer Split Playoffs. The map is not 100% perfect, but the kill locations are pretty accurate. We decided to give a lot of filter options. This might make it a bit more complicated to navigate at first, but allows for more flexibility so you can chose what to look for yourself. The filters are: Region, Team, Player, Side (blue/red), Minute Stamp, Victim Player and whether the kill was assisted or not. 1 in the Minute Stamp filter refers to all kills between 0 and 1 minute, 2 between 1 and 2 and so on. Many filters allow you to select multiple values (just ignore the *). Just remove the selection for “All” before you select individual Teams, Players, etc.. If you change a multiple selection filter, you have to press the “Apply” button that pops up below the filter to confirm your selection. For all filters, you can always select “All” and if you get lost, just use the commands (e.g. “Reset”) at the bottom left of the visualization (below the map). You can hover over points to get more info, or click on them to filter by that player. If you find errors or have questions or suggestions, please let us know (contact, mail, twitter). Have fun with it!

Last data update: 08/29/2016, updated every Monday

Feel free to use or export (bottom right) the data or images, but please give us credit if you publish it. Upon request, we can provide a version of this visualization with a higher resolution.